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Full Moon Party


“Full Moon Party” is a nihilistic and melancholic Mediterranean short story by Hikmet Temel Akarsu, the well-known author in avant-garde Turkish literature. The story depicts a writer, while drifting through middle age and experiencing his own dramatic fall, finding himself invited to a private party at night in a remote Mediterranean bay and his introverted thoughts. Set in front of the dancing fires, a Scandinavian queen does her own Shaman dance while the writer unbosoms his own heart among the runaways from the cities. Otherwordly feelings from an other world.

Cihangir At Dawn


In his short-story, “Cihangir at Dawn,” Turkish writer, satirist and play-wright Hikmet Temel Akarsu takes his reader through one of the bohemian spots of the avant-garde circles in art and literature in Istanbul, where pointless and meaningless decadence prevails: Cihangir.

“So many are at this Gethsemane!

Children of prominent families, who failed at becoming somebodies but could not lose their literary desires, now posing as writers; rentiers trying very hard to erase their inheritor images by sticking to the bohemian life and therefore sucking up to the hoi polloi in art; old actors and actresses from cinema and theater looking for comfort and their wasted dreams in alcohol; forgotten literary figures; opportunistic journalists; washed-up movie stars; regular slackers; officers of lower rank from embassies; part-time Casanovas; lazy orientalists who misinterpret this whole gathering as exoticism; foreign intellectuals feeding on eastern hospitality and western admiration; middle-aged coquettes; members of foreign media engaged in incomprehensible affairs; and well-educated gays…

Is that all? No…

Furthermore; man and woman hunters of every age, carpatbaggers, moneybags who have come to show off their wealth to the intelligentsia, publishers, novelists, scenarists and a thousand other ratés, and sometimes only and only decadents…

They are all together in Cihangir until morning… In an extraordinary and unfathomable composition… Or rather, a Noah’s pudding of absurdities…”

West End Girls


London in the 80s… England is subdued by Thatcherism. Amongst the gloomy and weary English, a Turkish intellectual attempts to start a new life as an immigrant. Tormented by physical labour and disappointment, he seeks refuge in West End during the prime time of the famous Pet Shop Boys hit “West End Girls.”

“There was only a single night I would stray away from my pathetic state. I would join the ‘weekend’ crowds of the English and head straight to West End. Piccadilly Circus and West End… The plateau of fantasy… Counterfeit heaven… Lustral theme park… Musical dream… The most refined illusion of a kingdom of lies… Before getting there, I would drink to death in Covent Garden and make for the Square.

Those were the golden days of Disco: English girls with short, blond, curly hair and milk-white skin would hop around everywhere with giggles and that. Minis only down to their cunts would make my heart go full throttle. Even if you’ve been carrying bales as a porter for a whole week…”

My Canticle


“My Canticle,” a reference to the “Song of Songs” in the Old Testament, is a touching short-story by Turkish novelist, satirist and playwright Hikmet Temel Akarsu about the author’s unrequited love for a foreign professor of literature teaching in Istanbul. Unable to express the depth of his feelings to her like he could do with mastery in Turkish, he grieves over his adverse fate… Until he finds himself in a modern Cyrano de Bergerac story.

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